Our vision is to empower patients and physicians with better ways to manage and care for chronic disease. Our mission is to deliver more proactive, precise diagnostics to manage cancer and other chronic diseases.

Founded in 2005, Nuclea Biotechnologies is focused on the development of IVD and RUO diagnostic assays and kits for the early
detection and monitoring of biomarkers in oncology and endocrinology. Our proprietary discovery platforms and clinical research
network have resulted in a collection of novel biomarkers and antibodies that continue to fill our assay pipeline.

In 2013, Nuclea acquired the Oncogene Sciences ELISA products, including the HER-2/neu IVD diagnostic kit for quantification and monitoring of HER-2/neu oncoprotein levels in serum. Nuclea also provides clinical testing services in our high complexity CLIA/CAP labs located in Pittsfield and Cambridge Massachusetts. We offer a range of fully validated and reimbursable tests for proteins associated with cancer and other chronic diseases. Our Cambridge facility offers state-of-the-art mass spectrometry assays for serum or plasma proteins associated with diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Nuclea is at the forefront of proteomics, a more precise, personalized way to monitor chronic disease.
Proteomics provides a deep understanding of the molecular basis for disease initiation, progression and efficacious treatment. Because of the unique biomarkers in an individualís proteome, proteomic testing delivers a personalized, real-time snapshot of disease. As the pioneer of serum HER2 and other onco-protein tests, Nuclea sets the standard for excellence and quality in this rapidly growing field.


Biomarker Discovery

  • Discovery of Proprietary Diagnostic and Pharmacogenomic Gene and Protein Signatures
  • Accelerating Translation Medicine from Bench to Bedside
  • Biological Content through Patented Biomarkers
  • Delivering Diagnostic Solutions in Breast, Colon, Lung, Brain, Prostate and Lymphoproliferative Disorders

Clinical Lab Services

  • High-Complexity CLIA Certified Lab
  • CAP Accredited
  • Molecular Pathology Services
  • Automated Testing Solutions and Workflow Management
  • Virtual Access to Cases and Reports

Companion Diagnostics

  • Identification and Validation of Candidate Biomarkers
  • Experienced Oncology & Pathology Network
  • Integrated Solutions for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Development
  • Extensive Archived Tissue Repository
  • Strategic Alliances with Industry and Researched Leaders